Brandon Krum : The Labyinth

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TheArnoldFans' own Brandon Krum has only a fraction of the merchandise Randy owns, but we'll show you part of Brandon's collection still. So come this way please, past the Standees and other Arnold collectibles to stop off and explore Brandon's collection from: "THE LABYRINTH"!

"I first started collecting Arnold merchandise when I saw Arnold's action figure for Terminator 2 in the store. It all started with Terminator 2. But now I collect any and all things Schwarzenegger. The bulk of my collection has come from, and is still growing!"

As seen below, Brandon collects everything Arnold that he can get his hands on, lets start with his Standee collection...

Next is a small over view of the collection. Things such as The Kindergarden Cop Standee still in the Original box, an Arnold Mask, Mr. Freeze Action Figures, Magazines, books, VHS tapes movie Soundtracks, Postcards and more! Also check out the original 'TheArnoldFan" Cap, thats right, with no (s).

Lets take a closer look shal we? Here we have the "Bible" of Bodybuilding books, and Birthday card featuring Arnold! Also pictured are the books "FANTASTIC" and "WHY ARNOLD MATTERS" both great Schwarzenegger books. Also as an extra here is Maria's mini book "Ten Things..."

Here is a closer look at some other Memorabilia. Magazine clippings, a Tom Arnold Autograph, and some other Arnold stuff. Check out the Rare "Post Card" or Arnold in B&W.

Over the years Arnold has been featured in countless Arnold Magazines, below are only a few of the ones I own. Remember most of this is just an overview of my collection.

Head Knocker are always fun. I bought mine at the Universal Studios Cyberdine Store in Orlando Florida! T2:3D is always a blast!

Here are two posters, one is a Teaser poster for JUNIOR that I got from my local Theatre, and an END OF DAYS poster for the release of the DVD that I had framed so I could display it on my wall!

Here are a few of my Collateral Damage collectables such as: The camo "snake" shirt, and compass with stationary equipment. Also the DVD's are shown here. I also own three copys of the Official movie poster (Not Pictured)

Any Arnold collection isnt complete without some CONAN stuff! Here is some of my merchandise: a McFarlane CONAN figure, pictures, I own the movie on VHS and DVD... TWICE! Comics and lets not forget about CONAN's FATHER SWORD! Hey my name isn't CROM ... I mean KRUM for nothing :)

Here are SOME of my Arnold DVD's and VHS Tapes...

Now its time to enter the Jungle! Next is my Aliens vs Predator Collection. I am also a huge fan of both franchises, but most of these show some of my Predator Memorabilia. I own DVD's, VHS tapes, Comics, Statues, Games, Action figures, and Hats!

Most of what's next started it all! This is some of my Terminator Collection! It all started with the T-800 Action figure by Kenner! My Terminator Action Figure collection has grown, and I have added Masks, T-Shirts, Official T2 Sun Glasses, Life Size Head busts, Standees, a game on my Cell phone, DVD's and VHS tapes, Comics, keychains, and much more to that collection!

Seen in this picture is my Arnold Autograph! My most prized possession!

That about ends my tour of "THE LABYRINTH". Please visit TAFs YouTube page, where you can catch MORE of my collection! Just watch the first few Webisodes of "THE FANTASTIC SHOW", also check out our online store at

I'll Be Back with more of my collection! But be sure to check out page 2!

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