Gary Hance, a.k.a. "Jericho Cain", surprised TheArnoldFans with his collection as we have decided it one of the top 3 of the world!

I started collecting Arnold merchandise after first seeing "Commando" as a child. The collection started with posters at first but as he watched more Arnold movies and became a bigger fan, the collection just started to feel the pump.

First let's start with my Cardboard standees. Collecting these has taken a lot of begging at various Video stores and cinema's.

Twins and Predator standee. Running Man, Total Recall and Conan film cells.
Join Arnold campaign banners and my favorite off all the merchandise, my signed picture by the man himself that he signed at the T3 London premier.

Various Terminator figures and statues

Limited edition Terminator and Terminator 3 film cells. T2-3D figures and Terminator Playing cards.

Various Terminator books including comics, Japanese film programs, press pack, and limited edition film cards.

Film cards, videos, DVD's, books and laser discs.

Various books

Various magazines


DVD collection. Soundtracks and laser discs.

Press packs and Conan annual.

Japanese flyers.

Terminator playing cards. Terminator 2 and 3 film cards.

Small collection of my film posters.

Japanese film programs. Asian phone cards. Japanese flyers.


Weider Limited Edition poster and T-shirt. World Gym Schwarzenegger posters
X5 "Intensity, Visualization, Confidence, Discipline and Enjoyment".

My Predator collection. Palisades Toys and figures.


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