Maurice Huijs, "HopeOfTheFuture", started late with collecting Terminator (and Arnie) stuff.

I was already an Arnie fan, but when I first saw T2 around 1996, it totally blew me away. I was immediately a Terminator fan and started to collect almost everything that came on my path. To bad that most of the Terminator collectables were released in 1991/1992, five years before I became a fan. You can imagine how hard it is to get some of the old collectables of that day.

I first start with my Terminator collectables. I like to read more about the expanded Terminator universe, so I have many books/magazines/comics about it.

Sorry for blurry pics, I did my best. A lot of comics from various Dark Horse comics, Malibu comics, NOW comics and Beckett comics (I don't own the Marvel comics yet). I'm still trying to find the remaining comics, but these are hard to find nowadays.

We continue with more reading stuff. Various magazines about the games, the DVD or the movie itself. Also my first draft of my "Terminator 4 - Hope Of The Future" script at the top. I have also fitness magazines with Arnie, but I didn't photograph them.

Here's another pic about some magazines about the Terminator computer games.
I have also placed my Terminator postcards in this pic.

Another important collectable is the novel. My four Terminator novels are my Holy Bible and I know them all by heart. At the top of the pic you can also see the Cinefex magazines with Terminator coverage. The first is a copy of T1, because it will not be reprinted anymore.

Now my three Terminator posters. The first is the Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD poster, which I think it's a rare one. The second one is a T3 DVD poster, specially printed by a Dutch DVD store here in the Netherlands.
The third one is just the ordinary T3 poster.

I love the Terminator figures. I'm still trying to find the McFarlane T2 T-800 and the T2 Endoskeleton, but these are rare to find. Anyway, here is a pic of my figures. Notice the the dog in leather jacket at the right. If you press his belly, he says "I'll be back".

I have two Terminator T-shirts. The blue one is a rare one, because it was for Dutch Crew only during the press premiere of T3 here in the Netherlands.
I got the other shirt with some T3 promotion on my site. On the pics you can also see the 72 T3 collectable cards and some TerminatorFiles flyers.

Another special collectable is the DVD standee of the Terminator 3 DVD.
There's a whole story behind it. I got this standee at a store at a train station. I carried it with me in the train (with a lot of problems).
Finally, after 20 minutes I got out of the train and continued to the bus with it. The standee didn't really fit in it, so every time someone had to get in the bus, I had to move the standee forth and back. A lot of work and I think many people in that bus didn't appreciate me and my standee, but hey... you've got to do something as a fan! :)

"This is what I received today because I won a contest. It's the T3 DVD and a tin can. In the can is a great T3 t-shirt."

What is a Terminator fan without the movies themselves? Here are all my Terminator DVD's, which are a lot.

And here are my VHS. Also on the pic are two Terminator games, and some soundtracks, singles and promos. As you may notice, I don't have the original T1 soundtrack, as I can't find it anywhere.

Here are my other Arnold movies on DVD. Predator 2 is also on the pic, just like my fan-made "Total Rebuild". Never mind it.

This is the end of your trip in my T-HOPE ZONE. I hope you enjoyed it. I can tell you that my collection will grow. I'll be back!


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