Whereas Randy and René brought you into only the Terminator wing of their collections for now, Paul Jackson lets you explore his FULL Arnold collection! Enter the Arnold museum now titled: The Cyberdine Core

I've been collecting Arnold merchandise for a good few years now. Since becoming a fan as a child back in 1991, I've collected anything I could get my hands on - action figures, board games, posters, videos, DVDs, CD's, anything that was available.

Although I've been an Arnold fan for many many years, I'd say that the bulk of my Arnold collection has arrived in the last 3 years or so, because as you get older, you learn to appreciate things more, especially collectors items.

Of course, I always had the videos and action figures, like all kids do, but when I hit the age of about 15, I realized that there was a whole new world of stuff out there for an Arnold fan, and I've never looked back since.

My most prized Arnold items I think have to be my DVD collection (Terminator & Conan movies especially), as well as the Terminator & Conan Soundtracks, and a recent addition to the collection, my T-850 standee. I love them all so much because they symbolize Arnold in every possible way - powerful, strong and totally cool!

I also hold a special place in my heart for all of the items I bought at Universal Studios, Florida, because they bring back memories of seeing T2:3D, not something you can do everyday by popping it into your DVD player or VCR!


I also very much love a photo that I have of me and my Father standing next to a T2 dummy of Arnold in Planet Hollywood, Peurto Vallatra (Mexico), as it's the closest I've come to meeting the big guy!

I'll carry on collecting Arnold stuff for the rest of my life - I will I feel no pity, no remorse and no fear, and I absolutely will not stop, ever - until I am dead.

I pray to Crom that I one day have a REAL picture of Arnold and myself to put on my mantle piece!


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