TheArnoldFans' own René de Jong has much of the same merchandise Randy owns, but so we're not repetitive to show the same things, We'll focus on some other items we didn't fully explore in Randy's shrine. Let¹s move on, this way please, past the Turboman and other Arnold collectibles and stop off into his Terminator wing. Explore René's Terminator collection from: "THE VAULT"!

"I first started collecting Arnold merchandise at the age of 14 when I saw custom-made Arnold action figures on the Internet made by Randy Jennings," says René. "However, considering I am now 21 years old, I have collected so much Schwarzenegger and Terminator collectibles that a total estimate could be around $10,000 dollars."

René collects everything Arnold that he can get his hands on, and the fact that he lives in Europe does not stop him from finding the newest collectibles. With the help of eBay and shows of collectible movie items touring his homeland of the Netherlands, Arnold collecting comes easy.

I'll trade you a T-800 for that Endoskeleton! First we come to René's cards! There were tons of non-sports movie cards, collectible game cards and even telephone cards for sale. Impel and Topps gave us movie trading cards, stickers and a special collector's edition pack, while Cromy created a rare Argentina card came. Later, in the year 2000, Precedence created a special "The Terminator Collectible Card Game."

Arnold broke the mold! In 1991 Phantom released an Endoskeleton skull P.V.C. model kit. A T-800, Sarah Connor and Endoskeleton models by Horizon were also released. René displays the best: the Arnold T-800.

Then there are the action figures of the Terminator films! Three sets of T2 figures, Future War, Terminator 2, and T3-3d have been released by Kenner.
This year McFarlane Toys brings us new T3 figures!

Over the years, dozens of Terminator postcards were produced, and you could even buy Terminator stamps for your postcards‹although those weren't easy to find. During that period, telephone cards began to emerge from all over the globe. Although many telephone cards could be found in England and the US, most of the telephone cards are from Japan.

Head Knocker models are always a blast. Neca gave us two T2 Head Knockers with two more T3 versions due by the third film's release.

All of the biggest summer movies have comic adaptations.


Last, but certainly not least, many different videos, laserdiscs, soundtracks and DVD sets were released. In England a special metallic box set was released that included both videos. A special booklet and a leather boxed laserdisc set of four disks were also released. However, for most people, the new Ultimate Edition DVD might be the most prized possession in the world.

That about ends our tour. Please visit our gift shop on your way out, as well as our online store at We know we didn't cover all the merchandise released for the Terminator movies, but we hope you'll have a good idea of what was released. From what we can tell, René will need a bigger room!


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