This is but a small sample of the greatest and most diverse Conan the Barbarian collection ever assembled.

Rick holds two helmets worn by extras in the Orgy scene and also holds the belt worn by Gerry Lopez in the battle of the mounds scene at the end of Conan the Barbarian. These items, along with the snake pendent worn by Sven Ole Thorsen were obtained directly from an employee of the movie facility were they were being stored.


Shown is the entire collection of Conan the Barbarian comics 1-250 including all the annuals, all in mint condition. These were Rick¹s first intro to the world of Conan, by his father.

Rick poses with the entire run of Production Renderings for the demon scene in Conan. Obtained directly from Peter Kuran of VCE. Besides one matched set given as a gift to a longtime Conan fan these are the only in existence. VCE sent all they had. They are truly one of his prized possessions.

Rick holds a copy of the John Milius script King Conan: Crown of Iron, personally autographed to him from John himself. Rick is in the process of making a 3-D display to put this up on the wall.

Rick shows us one of many theatre standees. He also owns four beverage counter displays (there are some color and regional variations) and two of the large (6 foot tall) lobby displays. Both in the original boxes from Universal.

Shown here is the Frazetta ³Barbarian² statue. For some reason this always draws much attention in the Shrine to the Gods. The picture does it no justice. It is a fantastic piece sculpted by Clayton Moore.

Many moons ago Rick received an email from Peter Kuran at VCE responding to Rick asking him some questions for an article he was writing. Peter said he was cleaning out a storage facility and had a production copy of the Conan the Barbarian movie. He told me I could HAVE it, just pay $50.00 shipping and handling. Rick did and what he received was incredible. His movie is a raw version without the special effects added. On a separate real there are duplicates of the scenes with special effects in them. Rick believes this to be one of a kind and is truly the centerpiece of his collection (along with Subotai¹s belt)

These are too walls that Rick Has in his Conan room that have Lobby cards and posters. He actually has 22 different posters and about 9 sets of lobby cards in varying languages and styles.


Rick is also a proud owner of his Conan body art! Crom approves of his wild tattoos!


Finally Rick pays homage to the Gods like Conan in his pit-fighter days, crossed swords and humble before the great Lord of the Mountain, Crom.


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