Victor van der Put: THE FILES

I can't remember when I started collecting Terminator memorabilia. The first item I got was a promo card from a video store owner, when 'The Terminator' was released for rental. I was so proud having something nobody had seen before, not knowing it was probably a promotional thing sent out throughout the world. The second thing I got was the video itself.

Not having any money to spend, nor any parental guidance to emphasize on being a collector, the video was viewed beyond recognition and several years past leading up to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is when my fan-crazed collecting really kicked off.

With the release of T2, the promotional engine got kick-started and lots of goodies flooded the market (even in the Netherlands). My previous promo card and video were lost through time... so the new first item I got was the Endoskeleton kit by Horizon. I remember it cost me several months to collect the money for it (being something around 40 dollars). Whilst building and painting it, I would probably never have thought this would turn into a collection with hundreds of items. I was hooked!

Not really interested in any other character... I emphasized on anything related to the Endoskeleton and/or the damaged Arnold. I acquired several kits and toy, including a rare 1:1 garage model head, several busts and lots of magazine clippings (we've all done that). Through the internet (which back then was getting introduced to the general public), I got hold of the perfect means to get more information and collectables. The world was at my fingertips... and I used it well ;).

Sites like Google, eBay and lots of others helped me on my search for global Endoskeleton dominance. Eventually lots of not Endoskeleton related item slipped their way into my collection, and I got interested in more than the Endoskeleton alone. I've hit my head on the wall several times; not having the common knowledge to collect all the stuff that came on my path. If I didn't just focus on the Endoskeleton, my collection would probably have been a lot bigger. Lots of things that are hard to find now-a-days, were for grabs back then! If I only knew :(

During 2002 and 2003 rumors got ahold of me. A new Terminator movie was in the making. Whoa.. WAY COOL! Fan-crazed as I already was, this was the opportunity for me to get my collection to the next phase. I became involved in all sorts of forums and started collecting all the possible information on the new movie. I already had my own design site ( with some small pages about the Endoskeleton. Some of you might remember me as Brainz. Lots of fans in the community got together and some even launched their own Terminator related sites. I for one... could not be held back. was born! Eventually the little site grew into one of the biggest fan portals around (or at least that's what I think it is ;). What TAFs is for ALL Arnold fans... TerminatorFiles is for all those interested in the Terminator movies. What we got out of the community, is pumped right back into the site. If only I had something like this back when I started collecting stuff. That would have been a blast! But that in itself is the means of the site. To inform and... COLLECT!

We've got detailed files!


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