TAFs Exclusive: Bale Talks Arnold!
Is Bale Prepared to Kick My Ass?

Reported by Randy Jennings

Randys back...from Los Angeles, CA. He just had a nice two-day Terminator business trip on the 7th and 8th! He saw the press screening of "Terminator Salvation" at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Come on in and read all about it!

Terry Crews Tells TAFs that McG Ruined Terminator!
A bromance with the 2nd Greatest Actor Ever!

Reported by Randy Jennings

On July 25th, Randy was invited to a Comic Con after-party at the Hard Rock Hotel and thanks to our man Michael Papajohn, He was allowed in the VIP section. Inside he met up with Terry Crews! Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive 3 Part Interview w/ T3 & T4’s Michael Papajohn!
Reported by Randy Jennings

In this 3 part interview with Michael Papajohn, perhaps best known as the man who shot Peter Parker’s uncle, he talks to us about his current summer film roles including Terminator Salvation! He also talks about some of his past cool film roles from Eraser, Predator 2, Titanic, Terminator 3 and more. Click a link below and read all about it!

Papjohn Interview Part 1!

Papajohn Interview Part 2!

Papajohn Interview Part 3!

Moon & Common on Terminator Rollercoaster!
Bloodgood and Common Shed light on Coaster!

Reported by Randy Jennings

While TheArnoldFans sat with Moon, Bryce, Anton and Common on Friday, May 8th, Randy Jennings got to talk to the cast about the new Terminator Rollercoaster at 6 Flags! Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Interviews T4's Sam Worthington!
Worthington Talks Toys, Terminator and Arnold!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Not a lot of people know the name Sam Worthington yet but this hot upcoming new actor is sure to be an A-list star. His answers were often short and his accent was thicker than Arnold's but he was happy to discuss any topic. Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive Interview with Kate Connor & Reese!
Bryce Dallas Howard and Anton Yelchin with TAFs!

Reported by Randy Jennings

TheArnoldFans sat down with "Terminator Salvation" lead actors Bryce Dallas Howard and Anton Yelchin on Saturday, February 28th at the 2009 WonderCon. Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive Interview with Moon + Common!
Moon BloodGood and Common discuss T4 Nudity!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Randy was at the 2009 WonderCon T4 presentation on Saturday and after the panel, he had the chance to interview the cast. In this article he gives you Common and Moon Bloodgood. Come on in and read all about it!


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