Exclusive Interview: Sonny Landham (Billy) Gets the Last laugh!
Reported by Randy Jennings

You know you're feeling old when one of our most beloved films is going to turn 26 this year! Predator might be a blast from our past but it still holds up as one of the all-time greatest action movies. Feeling nostalgic and wanting to uncover some behind-the-scenes stories of the movie, I decided to call the coolest cinematic Indian tracker, Billy, played by Sonny Langham.

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Cindy Morgan Read for Sarah Connor with Cameron!
TAFs Exclusive Interview with Tron’s Cindy Morgan!

Reported by R
andy Jennings

On August 20th, at the Disney D23 convention in Anaheim CA, Randy had the fortunate opportunity to meet with the actress who auditioned for the role of Sarah Connor in The Terminator! No, I didn't meet Linda Hamilton here, instead I met with everyone's favorite TRON actress Cindy Morgan who plays both the real-world, Lora, and the Tron-world, Yori, characters! Come on in and read all about it!

Vernon Wells "Screwing Around" with TAFs!
Bennetts Commando Belt is Made of Wool!

Reported by Brian Pearson and Randy Jennings

Several months back, during Comic Con 2009, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing actor Vernon G. Wells, best known by us fans as Bennett, one of the all time great Arnold villains! Come on in and read all about it!

Rae Dawn Chong Shares Green Berets with TAFs!
TAFs Interview with Commando's Rae Dawn Chong!

Reported by Richard Henriques a.k.a. Cromisgod

For the April Chiller Theatre show we got to interview Commando's Rae Dawn Chong. Rae's Table was scattered with various shots of her starring roles from "Commando", "Quest for Fire" and 'The Principal" along with various exquisite modeling shots! Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive Interview with model Adrianne Curry!
This Curry is Hot! Reality Star and Terminator Fan!

Reported by Brian Pears

When Adrianne Curry, star of My Fair Brady, The Surreal Life and winner of America's Next Top Model, recently Tweeted about her childhood crush for Edward Furlong and gave Linda Hamilton credit for wanting to pump up, TheArnoldFans had to meet this Terminator fan for ourselves. Come on in and read all about it!

Aloha Tia Carrere: TAFs Gets Lai'd!
Meeting a "True Lies" Hottie!

Reported by Randy Jennings & Rick Henriques

TheArnoldFans caught up with "True Lies" co-star Tia Carrere and listened to her perform live to a packed room of her fans. Click HERE and read all about it!


Commando's Vernon Wells Lets Off Steam!
Arnold's Ultimate Prank on Commando's Bennett!

Reported by Rick Henriques

Where-else would I go than to meet the famous Vernon Wells, who played Bennett in “Commando”. Wells was sitting in a smaller room flanked by a large poster of the various characters he has played including: Bennett from “Commando” and Wez from “The Road Warrior”. Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive Interview with Sinbad!
Sinbad Calls & Jingles All the Way with TAFs!

Reported by Randy Jennings

On the heels of the holiday season and having Jingle All the Way fresh in our memories, TAFs had the fortunate opportunity to interview the actor and comedian SINBAD (who played Myron the mailman) about his time working with Arnold on this now holiday classic! Come on in and read all about it!

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TheArnoldFans Interviews Clint Eastwood!
Arnold and Eastwood May Star Together!

Reported by Randy Jennings

On the red carpet of The California Museum's California Hall of Fame, I spoke with legendary A-list actor Clint Eastwood about the possibility of teaming up with Arnold in a possible upcoming film. Come on in and read all about it!

Read our 2010 Eastwood interview HERE!

"Questions answered immediately" on the red carpet!

Reported by Randy Jennings

The ARNOLD FANS's California resident, Randy Jennings, was invited by Warner Bros. to cover the Hollywood premiere and to interview a dozen celebrities as they walked down the red carpet! Who gets The ARNOLD FANS microphone shoved in their face? Come on in and find out!

Last Action Hero's Tom Noonan has an Axe to Grind!

Reported by Randy Jennings

One of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most sinister adversaries he ever had to face on screen was in 1993's "The Last Action Hero." If it wasn't for THE RIPPER, an axe-wielding psychotic slayer of children, "The Last Action Hero" may have been considered a G-rated film. Well, The Ripper, played by actor Tom Noonan, couldn't be all THAT BAD since he agreed to give The ARNOLD FANS an exclusive interview. Read the full interview HERE
Sunday, May 6, 2001


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