Peter Urdl

Exclusive Interview with Peter Urdl: Tour "Arnie's Life"!
Reported by Randy Jennings

Quick, plan a trip to Thal, Austria because Schwarzenegger's childhood home, which is now the walk-through museum called ARNIE'S LIFE, is celebrating The Austrian Oak's 65th birthday with the fans! A big birthday party for all of Arnold's followers will be celebrated at the museum on July 28th, 29th and 30th.

Roger Bir, Arno security guard!

Reported by Randy Jennings

It is time once again for the return of The Arnold Classic held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus OH. Every year Arnold attends this weekend-long bodybuilding convention to host and every year he has maximum security. Read the full interview HERE!

Interview with Michael Case Kissel!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Having been with TheArnoldFans for over six years, I don't think I have ever heard or reported a better news story than what you are about to read. Although is it known that Arnold, the Governator, is a strict family-man and is against gay marriages, it does not mean Arnold is against the homosexuals as friends. Read more HERE!

Warren E. Motts discusses Arnold's M47 Tank!

Reported by Randy Jennings

When The ARNOLD FANS journeyed to the 2001 Arnold Fitness Weekend, you can bet your sweet apple strudel that we made it out to the Motts Museum to see Arnold's M47 tank - the ultimate piece of Schwarzenegger history. We met with Warren E. Motts, the museum director, who gave TAF's an exclusive interview about Arnold's tank and the day it was delivered by its Austrian owner. Read the full interview HERE
Tuesday, April 17, 2001

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