Peter Kent

TAFs Interviews Peter Kent: The Man Behind the T-800 Mask!   Reported by Randy Jennings

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger does many of his own stunts, he's not crazy enough to do a bike jump down into a concrete canal only to speed past a T-1000-driven truck. Arnold is certainly ballsy and may want to attempt some of these wild stunts but the studio executives won't risk their lead action hero get injured. So when they want the Terminator to run from the back of a "vehicle's top speed" truck onto a scary Liquid Nitrogen rig, they call in the world's greatest "expendable": Peter Kent!

Exclusive Interview with The Last Stand's Ky Furneaux!
Reported by Randy Jennings

We've got another "Last Stand" EXCLUSIVE for you! TheArnoldFans spoke with Ky Furneaux, stunt woman for the movie's lead actress, Jamie Alexander. Now let's hear from Ky Furneaux direct from the set of The Last Stand! Come with us now to Belen, New Mexico, pull up a chair and listen up as our full interview with this talented and ass-kicking stunt woman begins NOW! Come on in and read all about it!

Exclusive Interview with Giuseppe, Arnold’s Hairstylist!
TAFs Steps into the Inner Circle with Giuseppe Franco!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Today’s featured member of “The Oak Pack” is Schwarzenegger’s hairstylist, Giuseppe Franco. Not only is Giuseppe there for Arnold, he is Hollywood’s hottest celebrity stylist with clients including Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt, The Lord of the Rings cast, Lou Ferrigno, Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp and more. But this rocker isn’t just there for the stars, he’s here for everyone (including you)...but FIRST, he’s here for TheArnoldFans and he’s ready for our interview! Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Interviews Arnold's Barbie Girl of 1969-1975!
Interview with Barbara Outland Baker!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Just who was this girl from Arnold's past in the days long before he met Maria Shriver? Who was this girl that captivated Arnold's heart from 1969-1975? Let me introduce to you Barbara Outland Baker, the beautiful woman who'll share some lovely memories of her old flame with TheArnoldFans! Come on in and read all about it!

For Part 2 Click HERE!

TAFs Exclusive Interview with Terminator's Rosengrant!
John Rosengrant Part 2 Interview & Exclusive Photos!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Check out this ALL NEW interview Randy had with John Rosengrant, special effects and make-up hero of all four Terminator films! We also have several exclusive photos to share with you... never seen before, until now! Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive: Ling Talks T2, T2-3D & Tasker!
All New T2: Skynet Edition Released Today!

Reported by TheArnoldFans Staff

TheArnoldFans has an exclusive interview for you now with James Cameron’s DVD producer pal Van Ling! Here Van talks about the newly released T2 Blu-Ray, T2:3D DVD release, and a possible True Lies Special Edition! Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive with Terminator Writers + McG on Arnold!
What Could Have Been if Arnold Said No to "Salvation"!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Now that we all know officially that the Arnold T-800 has a nice little cameo in Terminator Salvation, McG was able to discuss more about Schwarzenegger giving his blessing. And Randy asked John Brancato about the possibility of Arnold's return in T5. Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Exclusive: Dawn Talks Arnold, T2 in 3D & T4!
Interview with Academy Award Winner Jeff Dawn!

Reported by Randy Jennings

TheArnoldFans is back with another interview by a great Terminator legend, Jeff Dawn, who gives us an exclusive interview about his days working with our heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Winston. Come on in and read all about it!


TAFs Exclusive: Getting "Angry Again" with Megadeth!
Megadeth's David Ellefson Remembers L.A.H. Soundtrack!

Reported by Randy Jennings

TheArnoldFans recently met metal and hard rocking bassist David Ellefson of Megadeth fame. Although David is no longer in the band, he was in the band during the glory days and was a part of the "Last Action Hero" soundtrack. Come on in and read all about it!

TAFs Interviews Rob Hall on "Terminator" and Winston!
Terminator's Rob Hall Interview: Part 1 of 2!

Reported by Randy Jennings

TheArnoldFans had an exclusive sit-down interview with Rob Hall:
student of Stan Winston, Schwarzenegger fan and lead make-up artist on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Come on in and read all about it!


TAFs Interviews Terminator Make-up Artist Jeff Dawn!
Stan Winston Confirmed for T4!

Reported by TheArnoldFans Staff

Terminator makeup artist Jeff Dawn is interviewed in an online stream from Filmnut, and TAFs gets in several good questions that reveal much about his trade and relationship with Arnold. Come on in and read all about it!


TAFs Interviews Lead "Terminator" Writers!
TAFs Final WonderCon Report!

Reported by Randy Jennings

Randy meets up with Josh Friedman and John Wirth, both writers for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and gets some great insight about where they see the show headed and more cool locales for Terminators. Come on in and read all about it!


TAFs Chats with Middleton: The Man Behind the Metal!
Chatting with Terminator's Consulting Producer!
Reported by Randy Jennings

James Middleton is one of the big-wigs in the Terminator universe these days, and we talk with him about howthe new tv show is going, including the possibilty of new action figures, and what he thinks of the re-release of T2 in 3-D. Come on in and read all about it!


Reported by Randy Jennings

It already feels like a decade ago since "T3: Rise of the Machines" was release - due to our hunger for a "T4". The majority of fans were pleased that T3 fit well with the other two films but we do have many questions still and we were all hoping some answers would give us a better understanding and some closure... until T4. Come on in and read all about it!


Reported by Randy Jennings spoke with Marco Beltrami, the man behind the "Rise of the Machines" soundtrack and he was happy to give us the exclusive to why he was chosen and what he thinks of Brad Fiedel. Come on in and read all about it!

Stan Winston

Reported by Randy Jennings

While on the set of T3: Rise of the Machines, TheArnoldFans received our follow-up interview with Stan Winston. Although we had a few words with the special-effects wizard earlier this year on the "Collateral Damage" red carpet, Winston was now officially allowed to divulge much more relating to his new Terminator creations. Come on in and read all about it!

Lane Leavitt

Stuntman Lane Leavitt brings us inside the danger of classic stunts!

Reported by Randy Jennings

With most Schwarzenegger movies you are always guaranteed the biggest action scenes with the biggest stunts. It’s about time The ARNOLD FANS takes you into the world of Arnold stunts with our first of many exclusive stuntmen interviews. Read the full interview HERE

Conan Sword

A talk with the "Conan the Barbarian" Blademaster!

Reported by Akim "Goose" Bischoff

The reputation of Jody Samson, the California born master blade & armor craftsman, is as strong as steel in Hollywood due to his awesome work in films like "Conan the Barbarian" and "Batman & Robin." Will his next project be "Conan 3?" Read the full interview HERE

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