TAFs Interviews Arnold's Clone: Lyndall Grant!
The Rise of an Arnold Impersonator!
Reported by Randy Jennings

TheArnoldFans has interviewed many A-list celebrities over the years including Arnold Schwarzenegger himself for seven glorious occasions. But it's also just as fun to interview the Arnold impersonators throughout the world. We've posted several stories on Lyndall's look-alike experiences but "it is time" to finally have a Q and A with our Arnold-resembling friend. Click HERE and check it out!


Fake Arnold

TAFs on Phone with Arnold: Insane Exclusives!
Fake Arnold Interview with Josh Robert Thompson!
Reported by Brandon Krum

We've got an all new "TheArnoldFans Fan-tastic Show" up for your viewing pleasure and it's our best yet! Your host, Brandon Krum, managed to get the coolest and ballsiest man on the planet to call into the show. Well it may not be the Real Arnold... but it is the Real Fake Arnold! Click HERE and check it out!



Exclusive interview with Bradley James!

Reported by Randy Jennings

A while ago TheArnoldFans first informed you of VH1's One Hour Arnold mocumentary titled "Arnold Popumentary" and boy was it a hoot! What we want to know is will VH1 continue with a WEEKLY Arnold series? Well Come on in and read all about it!




Comedian Harry Shearer Introduces TAF's to McBain!

Reported by Randy Jennings

The ARNOLD FANS recently traveled to Springfield and after we had a few "Duffs" at Moe?s Tavern, we headed over to the nearest Gym to achieve ?the pump.? To our surprise and great delight, we ran into Rainier Wolfcastle, better known by his screen name - McBain! Read the full interview HERE
January, 2002




The Life of an Arnold Impersonator!

Reported by Ren? de Jong

Ever wish you looked like the great Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well Netherland's own Niek Lauwers was blessed at birth with the look of "The Oak" and explains all the advantages that comes with it. Read the full interview HERE
Sunday, May 14, 2000




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