Schwarzenegger Writes a Letter to Us!
Arnold Honors Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Reported By: Staff
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself wrote us a fantastic letter. In his statement he and acknowledges much support to all his fans who visit this very site. Read his letter below!

We have not yet thanked Arnold for his time to write us so let us do so now!

thank you very much for your caring letter and support over the years. It's been a pleasure informing the fans about your activities and future goals.

It's obvious that you recognize, appreciate and reward your fans. This very staff of fans are proof; just look at what you have done for us over the years by allowing us to conduct your interviews, attend red carpet premieres, movie set visits and more. But we do not run this site for the perks - it is our hobby and our honor as Arnold fans. will be around for many years to come. The legacy will live on; this you can trust.

------------------------------- Staff

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