Terminator Transformation: Set Visit Part 3!
The Day I became A Terminator!

Reported By: Randy Jennings
Monday, October 8, 2007

At last TheArnoldFans has some photos to share with you on our "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" set visit! We were not allowed our own camera on the Warner Bros. set but we had a professional photographer on hand who JUST NOW got these images to us. We will have more pics to share later in our final PART 4 segment, but let's show you a few for now.

In our PART 2 coverage, we talked about our interview with Thomas Dekker a.k.a. John Connor. Click HERE to check out out that interview if you missed it earlier!

One of the coolest moments for me on the set that day was not only hanging with the show's stars - but also living out a movie star moment and becoming a Terminator! The Jennings Model T-888 was created within 30 minutes by make up artist Rob Hall as I sat in the very make-up chair that Summer Glau sits in for her make-up sessions. On the wall was a bust of Summer's character Cameron - which was used for a scene on the pilot episode. To the right was a mask of another character...possibly a burnt or mangled Terminator villain?

Rob Hall, who worked hard to blend colors pale enough to match my sunless face, has a very impressive make-up resume and worked on SuperBad, Angle, Firefly, Buffy, The X-Files and much more. I wasn't able to see my face until it was all complete but in the end, I looked and felt like a Terminator. I wore the same prosthetics, silver-exposed scar tissue, that is used on the show. Naturally, when my Terminator make-up was applied and blood oozed from around my open metallic wounds, I found myself talking like Arnold for much of the remainder of the day.

If only could have joined us on the set visit... then maybe I wouldn't have been the only person walking around on Hollywood Blvd later that evening - scaring little kids. In our final PART 4 segment you'll hear about our lunch with the stars and creators of the show. So stick around for all NEW images and news stories on this very promising new show! "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" will air in January on FOX.

Randy Jennings

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