Skynet Satellite Shows T2 Shooting Locations & More!
Uncle Glenn and Norm: Terminators in the Family!

Reported By:Randy Jennings
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My uncle Bob, I mean uncle Glenn and his good friend Norm recently rediscovered TheArnoldFans. Glenn, finding our Arnold movie location site, decided to surprise me and contribute to the locations of Terminator 2. "On Location: In Arnold's Shoes", is a new portal in TheArnoldFans website that tell fans WHERE to visit some famous scenes of Arnold's movies. I last reported on BIG BUNS, Sarah Connor's workplace of The Terminator, but I have also visited an awesome new location that I will share with you all in the near future. In the meantime, have a look at my uncle Glenn's images that he captured by possible Skynet Satellite!

"Hi Randy, I was looking at your site the other day and noticed that you had an interesting section on the locations where some of the scenes were filmed. I decided to try doing some of my own research so I rented both T1 and T2 this weekend and took a couple of photos off my TV and then found these locations on Google Earth. The next time I go back to the valley, I'll take some ground-level photos that you might want to add to your site."

sat photo 1

Eddie bike


Sat photo 2

Truck crash

Please visit "On Location: In Arnold's Shoes" found HERE and share your own photos of you standing in the spot where Arnold and his co-stars stood!

Thanks Glenn, I'm looking forward to your on-site pics as well as more satellite shots! Someone who can maybe help Glenn take pictures is his Los Angeles friend, Norm. I met Norm years ago as a child/young teen - but it just so happens that he is a big Terminator fan and has a fantastic website on robots.

Hi Randy, I thought you might enjoy looking at my website as well, since it deals with robotics and artificial intelligence - subjects made popular by the Terminator films. My site deals with the real science behind these topics, and it has introduced me to many current researchers in the field. It is my hope to one day be on hand when the first sentient machine is actually created.

My site is

Keep up the good work, and all the best to you,
Norm Nason

For you Arnold fans, have a look at Norm's Terminator page by clicking HERE!

Randy Jennings

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