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The Holy Chapel of 3 Wise Men: Arnold, Sly & Willis!

Reported By: Randy Jennings
Friday, December 11, 2009

Here's an "Expendables" exclusive for you! Only TheArnoldFans takes you inside the holy chapel where our 3 wise men, Arnold, Sly and Bruce, acted out their scene in what's sure to be the greatest cameo ensemble of the 21st century. After I contacted the Hollywood Presbyterian Church on Gower street, the location where the ex Planet Hollywood Gods had earlier wrapped the cameo (Oct 24th), I was told by church representatives that they were surprised to hear I knew about this chosen film location. It was not advertised or written about in any newspaper. Only Sly's unit publicist for the film, Sheryl Main, would tip me off so I could be certain to arrange this set visit.

On Saturday, December 5th, I was given proper clearance and a tour given by the lead security guard, Ross Benson, on the grounds and brought into the one and only chosen chapel: the Wylie Chapel. Ross was not there on the day of the five pages of script / six hour film shoot but did still manage to give me a little information about the church.

Ross Benson: This chapel was built in 1924. We get quite a few production companies in here and shows like Desperate Housewives and Channel 7 news does filming in here often. An episode of LOST, I believe it was, was filmed here; they built a facade outside of the church and blew it up.

TheArnoldfans has been reporting often on The Expendables Unit Publicist's blog by Sheryl Main. To give you a little background, Sheryl and I go way back. I met her on the set of Collateral Damage when she was Arnold's Unit Publicist for that film and then a few times later when she was working with Arnold again on Terminator 3. Although I spoke to Schwarzenegger many times before T3 came out, I credit Sheryl for truly introducing me to Arnold as she brought me over to meet the Terminator and told him my name. Ever since then, Arnold had a name to my face...or at least knew me as "that TheArnoldFans" guy. Good enough.

Sheryl, like myself, is a big Arnold fan. However this lucky woman gets to hang out with Arnold and gets invited to all the cool Schwarzenegger events, dinners and political functions. As a fan of TheArnoldFans website, Sheryl gave me an interview about The Expendables. Sly's Unit Publicist gave us some good teases about the Arnold and Willis cameo scenes so go get yourself a bib and prepare for some drooling! Would you describe this cameo scene to be more comedy or drama?

Sheryl Main: It's a pivotal scene that sets up the movie and there's a little tension... but the way Sly writes, there's always sarcasm. Well, I don't want to give too much away but it's really a great scene, there's a little back-and-forth between him and Arnold that's quite funny. But it's not comedy by any stretch of the imagination. Were additional church prop pieces brought on?

Sheryl Main: No, We kept it pretty intact. Would you say in the 5 pages of script, that the three action heroes all have equal dialogue?

Sheryl Main: Yes, I would say that. Does Arnold open a door or make some grand entrance?

Sheryl Main: (Hesitant to answer but gives us a taste) Well, you have to come into the scene some how. It's not just picked up as the three of them hanging out in a church so...he does have an entrance, and that's all I'm going to say. Is there a big action scene here in the church or is it all dialogue?

Sheryl Main: Well, this is not an action sequence. Let's just say that. I think I read on your blog that Arnold did an interview for the camera. Is this something for the DVD release?

Sheryl Main: Yeah, I had the three of them (for the interview). The three of them were standing up where the alter was and I asked them about working together and there's a nice little interaction between the three of them. It was really fun. Arnold's character is known as Trench. Does he wear a trench coat?

Sheryl Main: No. Would you consider his outfit to be plain and casual or very unique?

Sheryl Main: I'll just say that it's Arnold. It's Arnold as Trench. It's his interpretation of Trench. Any merchandise deals yet? We need a three-pack of Arnold, Bruce and Sly figures.

Sheryl Main: I would think that NuImage and Lionsgate are well on their way to making deals. But what do I know? Will The Expendables get some love at WonderCon or Comic Con next year?

Sheryl Main: Well I think Comic Con is a no-brainer hopefully...and there has been some discussions about the film festivals. Maybe we can do something interesting at Cannes with Arnold, maybe selling California but also promoting the film. There's nothing formulated, these are just ideas. Arnold actually came up with that idea. But once January hits, then I think things will start revealing themselves.

TheArnoldFans: Is the film finished?

Sheryl Main: Oh yeah, it's cut. Sly did very few reshoots. Actually, they did some insert shots and the scene with Arnold, Bruce and Sly but that was really it. I tell you, he shot this film like a master plus he had 5 cameras and all kinds of crazy stuff going on but the film looks amazing. It really does.

As far as Sheryl's future prospects, she's hoping that Rambo 5 will start shooting in April or sometime in Spring. When asked what film she'd like to re-team with Arnold it was a no-brainer.

Sheryl Main: True Lies 2. Definitely... I love Arnold and I love his movies. I'd also like to see Arnold direct.

Naturally I brought up CRUSADE and asked Sheryl to tell Arnold that the fans want him to direct this film but Sheryl suggested I tell him what the fans want. Maybe we should. Thanks for the advice. However she thought Crusade might be too heavy to direct for his first motion picture. Chances are a comedy would have to come first to prove himself as a director. Danny Devito did tell me at Comic Con this year that he has a project in mind for Arnold. Arnold the director? Has a nice ring to it, yes? Exactly.

TheArnoldFans would like to thank the Hollywood Presbyterian Church again for letting us inside the special Wylie Chapel. Almost every weekend, weddings are performed in this room - so if it's in your budget, you Arnold, Sly and Willis fans might seriously want to consider booking the room now to be wed in the holiest and coolest wedding location imaginable. Step inside the Wylie Chapel when The Expendables opens in theaters in August of 2010.

Photography is not allowed in the chapel but TheArnoldFans was given the clearance. However, since I didn't know exactly which areas of the church would be shown on film, I took several angles. It should be interesting to bookmark and revisit this page after we all see the film in 2010 to recognize the backgrounds and objects behind Arnold and the other two heroes. *The Christmas wreaths were put up recently for the holidays but were not there for filming.

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