TAFs Exclusive Interview with Sinbad Part 1!
Sinbad Calls & Jingles All the Way with TAFs!

Reported By: Randy Jennings
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the heels of the holiday season and having Jingle All the Way fresh in our memories, TAFs had the fortunate opportunity to interview the actor and comedian SINBAD (who played Myron the mailman) about his time working with Arnold on this now holiday classic. Sinbad, calling me at home for this interview on his drive up to the Thunder Valley Casino for a stand-up gig that night, gladly answered all my questions. So many questions that I'll break this interview up into two segments. Strap on your rocket packs, it's turbo time with Sinbad!


TheArnoldFans: We're looking at the 15 year anniversary of Jingle All the Way this year. It's still on TV every December. Do you think this might be a holiday classic to be played for decades to come?

Sinbad: I guess it is one of the most watched Christmas shows. I didn't realize but some people told me, I don't know what channel it was, but it was listed as one of the top three Christmas movies. But wow, I can't believe it was fifteen years ago. Damn!

TAFs: Is J.A.W. playing at your house every Christmas?

Sinbad: You know what, if it's on TV, I'll watch it. I'll watch it every couple of years.


TAFs: Did you finally manage to get your hands on some Turboman dolls that were Walmart exclusives?

Sinbad: When it first came out I got one. We picked up a couple but with the last one, his arm came off. My boy must have tore his arm off. But I guess if you have one now in good condition, you can make a good dollar in ebay. I know this much; they tested the Dementor doll and it tested high...but they never put it out. I had a prototype of the doll but they said 'give it back, we'll get you the real one when it comes out' ...and dude, it NEVER came out!



TAFs: Did you keep any props or clothing from the film?

Sinbad: No, I couldn't keep anything but man, that would have been a great Halloween costume.

TAFs: How uncomfortable was the Dementor costume? It must have been so heavy with that water-filled hemet?

Sinbad: Oh, remember now, in the winter scenes, we first filmed in Minneapolis but then spring came. we wanted to be somewhere cold where it looked like a real winter but the trees were now turning green, We went back to LA and the parade scene was shot at Universal Studios and it was 100 degrees outside and people were wearing those winter jackets. What happened is, someone told me, the water in my head, the water in my costume's brain started boiling. It was bubbling.

TAFs: Martin Mull was the original Dementor. Did you both fit the same suit or did you have your own suits?

Sinbad: We had our own suit because they have to custom-fit the suit to you. I'm taller but he's a big guy too.


TAFs: Do you work in any Arnold stories into your stand-up?

Sinbad: No, but I mean if something comes up. if he does something interesting, I'll talk about it at my shows.

TAFs: How busy are you with stand-up and about how many shows do you do a year?

Sinbad: I'm on the road almost every weekend. I do about almost 150-200 shows every year. I do California probably the least. I go all over the country.


TAFs: What's your best Arnold memory during the time of filming?

Sinbad: Oh he was just funny. Arnold was funny, dude! Arnold was straight up funny.
When I was first on the set, I think that Arnold and some of the directors and producers were scared of me and thought I might be hard to control, as a comic or whatever, but after we did one take on one scene, I looked at Arnold and I said, 'man, do you mind if I improvise and I try and do it?' We started cracking up laughing. It became an improv competition. It was a scene toward the end of the movie. I don't remember what I did but we had great chemistry and we started laughing. Great improv. It was the scene when we were fighting in the phone booth. They almost had to put security on us because we were putting the beat down on each other. It was funny, man.


Stick around for part 2 with Sinbad! For now, Ta Ta Turboman! Click HERE to book Sinbad or click HERE to find out if he'll be performing near you soon!

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