Owners of T2 House Invites TAFs Inside!!!
Step Inside Connor’s Foster Parent’s House!

Reported By: Randy Jennings
Thursday, September 1, 2011

For the first time ever, fans have been invited into Todd and Janelle Voight’s T2 home. But the current owners, Bill and Erica, of John Connor’s foster parent’s home say they don’t invite just anyone in but they would make an exception for the staff of TheArnoldFans. Locating the house was tough. After arriving at our printed out destination listed for the house and realizing the online address was incorrect, Brandon Krum and I searched for the house for nearly twenty minutes driving up and down the residential streets. I knew we were close, as many of the neighborhood homes closely resembled the architectural models from Terminator 2.


I brought Brandon to this location as a surprise for him coming out to California for his first time. Although I have been to several other Terminator filming locations, this would also be my first time visiting the T2 house so I came prepared with my tourist gear of a recorder, camera and a printout sheet of all the angles of the house as they were shown on film.



Brandon knocked on the door and we were prepared to be rudely dismissed but on the contrary, two wonderful owners greeted us: Bill and Erica. Within a few seconds explaining who we were, TheArnoldFans was invited inside for a full tour. Our visit was completely unannounced but we were lucky that the couple was fully dressed and their house was spotless as if they were expecting company all along. Not only did they show us every great interior location filmed in T2, they also served us all some TANG and even let us hold some milk to be used as a prop for our photo op!  John Connor might have said humanity isn’t going to make it, but he wouldn’t have said that after meeting these gracious homeowners.



TheArnoldFans: Did you know you’re living in the Terminator 2 house?

Bill: Yeah, they told us about it, our house in the movie. Our neighbor, he was here for it (the filming). He was the guy watering the lawn.  His mother still lives there and he still comes by periodically. It’s changed a little. There was a hedge right there.


TheArnoldFans:  Do you have a dog? What’s his name? Not Max or Wolfie?

Bill: No, but we do have a German Sheppard. It wasn’t that we got one because of the movie. It just turned out like that. We have two dogs: Luke and Blue.


TheArnoldFans: Great garage. Oh, you need a dirt bike in here though.

Bill: We have some. Erica, where are they?

Erica: We sold them.

TheArnoldFans: Ahhhh, well, you need a gold Trans-Am then in your driveway.


garage real

TheArnoldFans: Have you met the previous owners and maybe they mentioned the film?

Erica: No, I think they were an older couple. They didn’t really care.

TheArnoldFans: Do you have any Terminator merchandise of Terminator posters or anything like this?

Erica: No. It never really seemed like a big deal to us. Sometimes we might joke and say 'I wonder if this might double or triple the price of the house.'

It turned out that  the couple did not even own Terminator 2 so we insisted that we’d send them a special edition DVD in the mail.


TheArnoldFans: Look at this, James Cameron, the biggest director in the world was all over your house and standing right here.

Bill: You know, now that you put it like that. I always wondering what kind of significance this house has. In fact, I talk about it more than anyone else like when we have garage sales I tell people, ‘Hey, you know this is the Terminator house.' I say jokingly ‘For 5.00 you can take a tour.’ But no one really seems interested.

TheArnoldFans: When you bought the house, did the realtor mention anything or was there anything written on the listing?

Bill: I don’t think they added anything about it. I would always think if you put it out there and someone wants to buy it, they should put that significance on it. I think it’s really cool to have a history like that.

TheArnoldFans:  Erica, would you mind if I have you reenact one little scene here? Can you pick up your newspaper like the actress does in the movie?

paper T2


TheArnoldFans: Have you ever had a Terminator viewing party here?

Bill: I thought about it. With the first Terminator I was blown away with such a unique concept. That was the best one.

TheArnoldFans: Call me up if you ever wanted to do a T2 viewing party. You guys might be able to make some money if we get like 20 fans together over here and you charge like 50.00 a pop. We could have a major viewing party in this historical home.

Bill: If you guys ever wanted to do something like that, you’re welcome.

How would that sound, Arnold fans? Have a big BBQ in the Max backyard and come inside for T1 and T2 back-to-back. Stogies in the garage (I even noticed the owner's dumbbells ready for some use), Terminator drinks and an Arnold cake to conclude the celebration. If we’re lucky, maybe some more Tang. Would anyone be interested? Let us know in our forums.

Out of respect to the family, we’re not listing the actual house address. Erica tells us also that we have been the first fans to ever come to the door and they promise us that we’ll be the last. Our buddy Bill made us feel so privileged knowing we would be the ONLY Terminator fans allowed inside. Perhaps our free Terminator 2 DVD we sent to the family secured our privileges.

Now the reason I’m keeping this film location piece short and not showing too many images is because Brandon and our director friend, Richard, filmed the whole experience so you can all be “invited in” when this Arnold fan film documentary comes out in the near future. So expect some very cool footage to come your way later.  Keep in mind, this house was not just filmed from the outside, the interior was also shot by James Cameron as well as the garage and backyard Max vs T-1000 scene. We're not sure about the bedroom deleted scene. Perhaps at the viewing party we can feel the walls like the T-1000 and find out.


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