EX2 Updates + Enter to Win EX2 World Premiere Tix!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Come and get it! Here's your latest dose of Expendables news kicking off with an official overseas poster featuring only the three biggest names of the cast: Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis. Better yet, it shows Arnold's character Trench on top! His image is slightly bigger than the other two stars and his name even gets the top billing even though we are all expecting him to get in ten minutes or less of actual screen time.

Arn, Bruce, Sly

Now we have an exclusive poster to share with you. It's the earlier released poster, however, this one that we obtained does not have all the credits over his body.


Finally, you could have the opportunity to win tickets to the Expendables 2 world premiere! All you have to do is use your Facebook accounts to generate your own Expendables nickname, Share the Trailer, and then enter for a chance to win the trip to the premiere. The contest will run through the end of June and you can enter NOW!


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