Arnold's Character in THE TOMB + Screenshots!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entertainment Tonight is now running the full interview with Arnold and Sly on the set of The Tomb! They now reveal Arnold's character as the leader in the prison who's also convicted for cyber terrorist – a financial specialist who tried to destroy the worldwide banking system. Watch the full interview by clicking HERE!


While Arnold is busy cranking out some fantastic action movies, we’ve made some screenshots of his current film, The Tomb! Check out Arnold as Emil Rottmayer in his prison garb. In this scene, it looks like the world’s two biggest action heroes are in talks of breaking out! Stay tuned for more images!


Much of The Tomb is being filmed at the NASA/ Michoud facility in Eastern New Orleans. This immense facility is now being used for film production and soundstages. GI Joe 2 was shot here and it's reported that Harrison Ford is doing Enders Game at this location as well.

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