John Romaniello and "What Does He Do"?

Reported By: Brian Pearson
Saturday, June 2, 2012

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to talk with John Romaniello, the man behind romanfitnesssystems.com. Not only is Roman (as he is known) a personal trainer, author, and model, he is a big fan of our man, Arnold Schwarzenegger. John first caught the eye of TAFs staff when he wrote an article entitled "Who Is Your Daddy and What Does He Do: Everything I Needed To Know To Be Successful, I Learned From Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies". If you missed it, you can check out the article HERE!

It was one of the most interesting reads I had ever come across so, naturally, TAFs wanted to talk to the guy who wrote it and the 2012 Arnold Classic was the perfect place to make it happen. The Gillinator and I caught up with Roman immediately after the Ask Arnold seminar so everyone was on a high, which made our chat that much more fun. Check out the interview below:

TAFs: Roman, we just had the opportunity to hear THE Arnold Schwarzenegger talk for an hour and discuss everything from his career in film to his career in bodybuilding. What have you personally done in your life?

Roman: Well, Arnold has been a big influence on me. I was a very low-level competitive bodybuilding and that parlayed itself into strength training. Now, I'm a very high-level strength trainer and work with professional athletes, celebrities, and a lot of regular people who have visited my website or heard about me through my publications in major fitness magazines. That's how I started getting attention and that's why I'm here.

TAFs: How has Arnold inspired you to do what you've done and how far back does your admiration for Arnold go?

Roman: I was inspired by Arnold before I was ever into fitness. I was inspired by Arnold the movie star long before I knew of Arnold the bodybuilder. The first thing I ever saw was Conan and it was so powerful. Then I saw Commando and I realized that Arnold was always saving the world and doing all of these amazing things so I was super inspired by all of that. I always wanted to be a heroic, larger-than-life person so when I eventually got into the fitness industry, I was inspired by his physique and wanted to do the things he'd done. Now that I've been in the fitness industry for so long, over 10 years, I have the perspective and hindsight to see that nothing I do, including my position as a trainer, would be possible or even exist had it not been for Arnold because people would not have an interest in fitness. He created enough of a push towards the healthy lifestyle and the culture of training that has allowed me to pursue my dreams and use them as a vehicle to spread my information. We owe all of that to Arnold and none of us would be doing this today if it weren't for him.

TAFs: That's an excellent point and you're absolutely right. You mentioned Conan; so what is your #1 favorite Arnold movie?

Roman: Wow, that's tough. It's either Conan or Predator. I think Predator has so many great lines. The best moment in Predator is the handshake with Carl Weathers. There's never been something better than that!

TAFs: Agreed! You wrote a great article linking your success to Arnold. What inspired you to sit down and do that?

Roman: Well, one of the things I try to do with my site is write about things other than just fitness and just business. I always try to give my perspective on why I come to certain conclusions and even before I was involved in fitness, Arnold was very inspirational and aspirational to me. So when I started communicating with people within the Arnold community, including some of his staff, Arnold came more and more to the forefront of my mind. So since he was on the top of my mind and I was writing business articles at the time, I decided that I would use him as an example of the biggest lessons I've learned, hence the title of the article. The title is, to a great extent, very much true. The thrust of it is that if you look at his movies and trajectory that he's taken in terms of his character arcs, so much of his worldly view is present in all of that. He's always been someone that wants to save the world and wants to make an impact. One of the biggest takeaways that I got from Arnold was in Pumping Iron when he is comparing the 'pump', the training effect, to an orgasm. What he is saying isn't so much that it's the end result but that it's more about enjoying the process. Training is very arduous, working is very arduous, and building a business is very arduous so you can't be successful in those things if you don't learn to enjoy creating goals, achieveing goals, and enjoy the work itself. You have to be very focused on the result. Being a world champion is fantastic, as Arnold will tell you, but enjoying the process of getting there is necessary for success. So I think by taking that worldly view, it has allowed me to be successful in my endeavors.

TAFs: So true! What are your Top 3 favorite Arnold movies?

Roman: Predator and Conan have to be the top 2 and the third is Kindergarten Cop. Kindergarten Cop is a great comedy and I love that one. I guess Twins would be my second favorite comedy, then.

TAFs: Excellent choices. Roman, thanks for taking the time!

Roman: No problem, thanks for having me.

TAFs would like to thank Roman for taking the time to chat with us and for sharing his insight into Arnold's world. If you want to learn more about Roman, his career, or his fitness programs, be sure to check out his website by clicking HERE!

You can also follow Roman on Twitter using his name, @johnromaniello. That's all for now, loyal TAFians. Until next time!

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