Richard Dawson (Damon Killian) Dies at 79

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Monday, June 4, 2012

"Who loves you and who do you love?" TheArnoldFans is sad to report that Richard Dawson, everyone’s favorite Running Man game show host, died Saturday night from complications related to esophageal cancer at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He was 79. Dawson played  Peter Newkirk on the classic CBS sitcom Hogan's Heroes and was most famous for his role on the famous Game Show, Family Feud, from 1976-1985. Richard will always live on in the hearts TheArnoldFans for trying in vein to take out Ben Richards in The Running Man. He couldn’t even convince poor elderly Agnes.

Damon Killian: "No, no. Agnes, Richards is a runner. You have to pick a stalker."

Elderly Lady: "I can pick anyone I choose...and I choose... Ben Richards. That boy is one mean motherf&@ker."

Arnold and Killian

Well said, Agnes! Here is also the classic clip of Killian sending Arnold into the game with dare we say the best comeback to Arnold's "I'll be back" ever! Sadly, it is now Dawson who will be back "only in a rerun."


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