More Expendables 2 TV Ads with More Arnold!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As excitement ramps up this summer for the action spectacular we're all waiting for, The Expendables 2, we're seeing more TV spots that pack a lot of punch in their 30 seconds! Spot number 2 is especially great, with another great Arnold line revealed and Bruce Willis borrowing Arnold's phrase at the end. Here are the links (sorry, embedding was disabled):

Expendables 2 TV Spot #1
Expendables 2 TV Spot #2
Expendables 2 TV Spot #3

The 3 Kings

Thank you Lionsgate for putting out such awesome ads, and using Arnold prominently in them, but we do humbly ask you to NOT show us any more new footage of Arnold, especially his one liners, because we're afraid we'll have seen Arnold's whole part in the movie already! We want to be surprised and enjoy this fully in the theater! Maybe we're wrong, and there's lots more good Arnold stuff we haven't seen- let's hope!

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