The Expendables Minimates 'R' in your Stores NOW!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our buddies at Diamond Select Toys (DST) let us know that the all new Expendables 4-pack is now available for sale as a Toys 'R' Us Exclusive! So naturally we had to go running out to buy the set and support this toy line so more Arnold Minimates can be produced. The first Toys 'R' Us Minimates pack features Arnold as Trent "Trench" Mauser, Sly as Barney Ross, Stone Cold as Paine and Eric Roberts as James Munroe! The next Toys 'R' Us exclusive will feature Arnold in his green trench coat from The Expendables 2 and he'll come packed with three more ballsy heroes!

This other Expendables set, featuring Lee Christmas, Hale Ceasar, Mr. Church and Tool, is also currently available and can be found at all your local comic book stores! These 2-inch collectible action figures are ready to engage in covert operations... on your desk! They come packed with an arsenal of weaponry, and thanks to their small size they should be able to get in and out of your cubicle without anybody noticing, causing a minimal of collateral damage.

Diamond Select Toys has even more products coming out for the newest action-movie franchise and we've got pictures! A new box set will include team members Ying Yang, Gunner Jensen and Toll Road, plus the aptly named new villain Jean Vilain (played in the movie by Jean-Claude Van Damme)!

Then, in November, DST will present the first three figures in their 7-inch-scale Expendables 2 action figure line! The line kicks off with Gunner Jensen (featuring the likeness of Dolph Lundgren), Hale Caesar (featuring the likeness of Terry Crews) and both beret-wearing and beret-free versions of Barney Ross (featuring the likeness of Sylvester Stallone). All are wearing their mission gear, and each will feature character-appropriate weapons and details.

Here's the latest Minimates Comic Con news!

Minimates Panel!

On Saturday at 1:30, in Meeting Room 8, Diamond Select will host a panel, "Minimates Turn 10," which is all about - you guessed it -- Minimates! DSTChuck and DSTZach will answer your questions about everything Minimate-related, from Marvel to Battle Beasts to Thundercats to Universal Monsters! Plus, they'll show off some new designs, new Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders animation and give away some free stuff!


And don't forget that every day DST will open up the Build-A-Minimate booth to their Minimate-buying customers! Any Minimates purchase of $18 will get you a ticket to build your own custom Minimate from the cabinet of parts! Build-A-Minimate hours vary from day to day, so check the booth schedule to see when you can come back and build.

More More More!

All that, and DST will be giving away free posters and buttons all weekend at Comic Con, so be sure to stop by! And be on the lookout for the DST Knight Rider car around town!


Finally, be sure to enter the Expendables Minimates contest for your chance to win some swag! Enter HERE, if you dare!

Now get ya ass to DST to get more Expendables 2 toy info!

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