On Location: In Arnold's Shoes




Thal, Austria: Part 1
Arnold's Home
Visit By: Kathryn Fogg
Thal Austria: Part 2
Arnold's Lake
Visit By: Kathryn Fogg
Thal Austria: Part 3
Arnolds Church
Visit By: Kathryn Fogg
Thal Austria: Part 4
Arnolds Town
Visit By: Kathryn Fogg

More locations from different films will be added so check back!

Here are some helpful tips when you go to these locations:

1. Take make screenshots from the film's location (from your TV set or computer) and print the screenshots out on a piece of paper to bring with you on location. This way you can take photos at the same angles they were shown in film.

2. If the establishment has a manager (like a restaurant or hotel), the manager might be able to recall some cool stories about the day of shooting.

3. If you're feeling up to it, dress up like Arnold or whoever was in that scene.

4. Get involved in the Photos. We want to see YOU on location of these films!

If you have other Arnold filming sites and addresses, please send us an eMail and we'll add them to our movie location list! Now get going and see the sites!

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