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We created this new special section of TAFs because more Arnold fans are coming forward with their own tattoos in tribute to their favorite movie star. If you have some, send us picutres now!

Adam Murphy proudly displays his two new t3 tattoos!

Hey TheArnoldFans, I thought I'd give you a little treat from a die hard New Hampshire Arnold fan. I've been a huge fan since I 1st bought the TERMINATOR on VHS, I was very young and it was my 1st VHS that I ever purchased, once I watched it I was hooked, Arnold was for ever to be my Movie star Idol. My Friends, Family and Co-Workers know me as the Arnold nut, now I admit I don't own all of the movie posters and I don't clip articles, I don't have his entire body building career on DVD or do I admit that I know all of the Trivia, but one thing is for sure, I am probably more diehard than the majority of Arnold fans, yeah I have ALL of the movies and plenty of collectables and more posters than my wall can handle. I have a Schnauzer named Arnold, I have "TERMNTR" for my license plate and then this August I got married and my wife and I decided to give each other tattoos for our gifts to each other. It takes me years to choose a tattoo, after all its for life. She said since I'm such a huge Arnie and Terminator fan, that I should get the endoskeleton, I was shocked but she was the one that suggested It.

After a month of so searching for the perfect shot, I finally found it and had it inked on my Right calf. Three plus hours of pure pain, but Dana at Tattoo Fever in Pelham NH made the time fly by by slapping in T2 in the dvd player, it only seemed appropriate he said. No-one could get over the amount of detail Dana put into this piece of art. At that point the wife suggested that I should do the other calf as kind of a before and after and so the search started yet again. Three weeks later I found the perfect pic from T3 and we were off to see Dana again for the left calf. This time it only took a little over two hours and the results speak for them self. I feel safe in saying that I am one of the largest DIE HARD Arnold fans, at least in NH to have the OAK himself tattooed on my body for the res
t of my life, I'm sure there are others like me out there. 50 years from now I'll be known as Crazy Grampa Murphy that has all the tattoos of that famous movie star Governor. I hope everyone enjoys my artwork/Tribute as I do every day and do not regret it one bit, Its my tribute to Arnold for everything that he stands for and everything he has done for this world and the people that inhabit it.

Adam J Murphy
Manchester, NH


Conan fan JasonX writes TAFs to share his all new Crom-tastic tattoo. Check it out!

Below are a few more works of art including Rick Henriques' aka CromIsGods' Conan Art, And a few other Predator, Terminator, and Conan tattoos! CROM!





John Connor

Endo arm

endo leg

predator arnold

Sarah Connor


Predator back

Brock 1


Arnold fan "StreetSharks740" has a nice "show and tell" for all of us Arno fans! He celebrated by giving himself a Last Action Hero tattoo!

"I don't care if you guys think its the dumbest thing ever but I got the last action hero movie poster tattooed on my left calf with my face on the kid. I think its the best tattoo in the world and I figured you guys would appreciate it way more than most of my friends!"


More to come... send us pictures of your tattoos!


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